What We Do

Tobacco production, manufacture and consumption in various smoking and smokeless forms, is a serious public health concern in India. It has assumed epidemic proportions with strong implications on public health, as well as having far - reaching social and economic implications.

VHAI is one of the pioneers in tobacco control at the national level, working simultaneously at the state level through its federation of 27 State Voluntary Health Associations (SVHAS) as well as at the grassroot level through the member networks of State Voluntary Health Associations.

The Key Focus Areas in VHAI's Tobacco Control campaign are:

Coalition building and networking
Establishing national and state-level resource centres
Creation of comprehensive smoke-free environments
Working with the government for the effective implementation of COTPA
Monitoring and reporting of violations
Alternative livelihoods and other advocacy issues for bidi and tobacco workers

A number of landmark activities and developments have taken place in the last year which have not only strengthened the campaign but also enabled VHAI to take it forward.

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