Reports and Studies
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India (MoHFW), in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), Public Health Foundation of India, Healis-Sekhsaria Institute of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and National Cancer Institute, U.S.A released India’s first comprehensive report on the impact of smokeless tobacco consumption in the country at the COP 7 on November 11, 2016.
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Global assessment of deforestation related to tobacco farming
The Perverse Economics of the Bidi and Tendu Trade
Tobacco Curing and Fuel Efficiency in Karnataka, India
Alternative to Tobacco Crop Cultivation - Rabi Season A Cost Benefit Analysis
Green tobacco sickness
Cigarette Package Warnings:International Status Report 2014
Compliance guide to Smoke free Laws IGTC 2014
TAPS guide IGTC 2014
Asian Dev Bank Report on Tobacco Taxation and Health
Cigarette Package Warnings:International Status Report 2012
New Study on Tobacco Use in 16 countries
WHO Report on Smoking in Movies - From Evidence to Action
Report of Australia India Institute Taskforce on Tobacco Control
Tobacco- A Global Epidemic
WHO Guide to Making Cities Smoke Free
WHF Report on CVD harms from SHS
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
FCTC 2009 - Summary Report
The Tobacco Atlas
WHO: Tobacco Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic - The MPOWER This landmark new report presents the first comprehensive worldwide analysis of tobacco use and control efforts. It provides countries with a roadmap to reverse the devastating global tobacco epidemic that could kill up to one billion people by the end of this century
Global Adult Tobacco Survey Report 2010 (India)
WHO Global Report on Tobacco Attributable Mortality 2011
Study on Chewing Tobacco by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
Report of Tobacco Control in India
India Tobacco Burden
Tobacco Use Prevention Media Campaigns : Lessons learned from Youth in nine countries
Health for the Millions - Special Issue on Tobacco Control 2010
Gutka and Its Deadly Cousin, Pan Masala - The Fastest Growing Smokeless Tobacco Product in South Asia
Tobacco and Women
Tobacco Industry Targets - Women
Women and Tobacco - The Union Factsheet
WHO Factsheet on Gender, Health and Tobacco
Women's Health and Smoking
Tobacco and Taxation
India Tobacco Economics Full 2nd Report (English)
India Tobacco Economics Summary (English)
India Tobacco Taxes (Hindi)
WHO technical manual on tobacco tax administration
Pack Warnings
Cigarette Package Health Warnings - International Status Report
Warning Labels- Countering industry arguments
Pack warnings - International Status Report, CCC
Tobacco Packaging and Labelling - Technical Guide, The Union
Global Illicit Tobacco Trade
Smoke Free
WHO policy recommendations on second hand smoke
GLOBAL VOICES: Working for Smoke Free Air 2008 Status Report
Smoke Free Laws - Key Messages
Summary on Smoke free Law India
Second hand Smoke - What It Means To You - CDC Booklet
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW): Step by Step Guide to Smoke Free
Bidi Industry AND Alternative Options
At the Crossroads of Life and Livelihood: Economics, Poverty and Working Conditions of People Employed in the Tobacco Industry in India
Caught in a Death Trap: Story of Bidi Rollers
Bidi Monograph
Genesis Report - 360 Degree Analysis of Beedi Industry
Child Labour and Tobacco Industry
ILO Report
Alternate Cropping
Tobacco Industry Tactics
Tobacco Industry interference with tobacco control
The role of tobacco advertising and promotion: themes employed in litigation by tobacco industry witnesses
Exposed - Tobacco Scam booklet on Big Tobacco
How Do You Sell Death - CTFK document on tobacco advertising
Lifting the Smokescreen
Smoke free laws work and cigarette companies know it
How to sell death
Turning Their Lives to Ashes

Giving Away So Much for So Little

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