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GOI Initiatives
Important Government Initiatives

The Govt. of India (GOI) has allocated approx. Rs 30 crores for 2009-10 under the proposed National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP).

Main components of the NTCP are:

• Setting up of National Regulatory Authority (NRA)
• State Tobacco Control Programme
• District Tobacco Control Programme
• Anti tobacco Public Awareness Campaigns
• Establishment of tobacco testing labs

National Tobacco Control Programme - A Guide for Teachers
Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of India National Tobacco Control Programme
Supported by World Health Organization, Country Office for India

Components of proposed District Tobacco Control Programme

Training : Training of School teachers, health workers, health professionals, law enforcers, NGO’s, women SHGs on tobacco control

IEC : Mediums include Cable TV channels, Nukkad/Street Corner Shows, Exhibitions, Melas and Anti tobacco awareness programs by trained Women SHGs/ NGOs.

• State Tobacco Control Cells in states covering 2 districts each.

School Programmes : School Programme for Govt. Schools with the help of NGOs. In the pilot plan, it is proposed to take up at least 50 Schools per district.

• Monitoring Enforcement of Tobacco Control Laws

• Tobacco Cessation Centres : Setting up of TCC’s in Districts.
Goverment of India and its role in Tobacco Control
Tobacco addiction is a global epidemic that is increasingly ravaging countries and regions that can least afford its toll of disability, disease, lost productivity and death. It has been recognized as the single biggest causes of preventable death and disability world wide. Every year millions of people die due to tobacco use. By 2030 it is expected to kill 10 million people per year, half of them in the age group of 35 to 60 years. Tobacco use is a growing concern, with statistics which reveal facts where one is compelled to understand and take cognizance of the fact to tackle the problem we need to develop a multi sectoral and integrated approach.

The tobacco problem in developing countries like India is more complex and difficult compared to other parts of the world. India is the second largest producer of tobacco worldwide and ranks fourth in total tobacco consumption. Tobacco and its use are not new to our culture. It is easily accessible and consumed in rural India in various forms - smoking, chewable and snuff - like cheaper cigarette versions like beedis, betel leaves, flavored powder (pan masala and gutka), hookah etc. and is closely related with rituals and social status. Families already grappling with scant resources are pushed further into extreme poverty due to spending on tobacco products or on treating tobacco-related diseases.

As studies reveal 5,500 adolescents start using tobacco every day in India joining the 4 million young people under the age of 15 who are regular tobacco users. India also sees a steady rise in deaths attributed to tobacco every year. From 1.4% of all deaths in 1990 the number is expected to rise to 13.3% in 2020.According to the WHO, India would have the highest rate of rise in tobacco related deaths during this period, compared to all other countries /regions.
The Indian government, the civil society and we as citizens need to urgently take proactive steps to combat this demon. The following statistics will help us to understand the urgency better:

The Tobacco Scenario

India’s role in Tobacco Control

Cigarretes and other Tobacco Products Act, 2003

Enforcement Agencies and Mechanisms for the COTPA

National Programme for Tobacco Control during 11th Five Year Plan Proposed - (2007-2012)

Organizations in India working on Tobacco Control
Action Council Against Tobacco Institute Of Public Health
Burning Brain Society Madhya Pradesh Tobacco Control Society
Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare
Cancer Patients Aid Association National tobacoo control program , Govt. Of india
Globalink - Global Tobacco Control Public Health Foundation Of India
Health Bridge Salaam Bombay Foundation (SBF)
Healis - Sekhsaria Institute For Public Health Voluntary Health Association Of India
Hriday (Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth) World Lung Foundation
International Union Against Tuberculosis And Lung Disease  
Latest News from Tobacco Kills

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