Resource Centre for Tobacco Free India (RCTFI)
VHAI's Resource Centre for Tobacco Free India (RCTFI) is a unique initiative to establish an exclusive, one-of-its-kind website on all tobacco information related to India. The main objectives of the website is to use VHAI's strong base and experience of anti-tobacco campaigns and its state level networks to share resources and learnings and support all the tobacco control campaigns across the various settings.

Our experiences root from a process of hard hitting campaign programmes through political and policy advocacy at the national and state levels, collation-building and networking with like minded groups, government agencies and law enforcers working on tobacco control; supporting institutionalization of the enforcement mechanism; capacity building of VHAI network, and to monitor and account for legislative violations at district and central level.
Objective & Purpose of the website
  1. To create a participatory information network across the nation that helps knowledge sharing through latest updates of news and activities.
  2. To disseminate information about the existing research and laws on tobacco and the violations that take place at the policy and grass-root levels.
VHAI (Voluntary Health Association of India)
RCTFI (Resource Centre For Tobacco Free India)
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