April 5, 2012: MP Government Banning All Chewing Tobacco Products
Madhya Pradesh became the first state in the country to impose a ban on the sale of gutkha containing tobacco and nicotine products. The order came consequent upon the Supreme Court order upholding gutkha as a food product under the food adulteration laws of India.

The government banned tobacco content in gutkha by issuing a notification under the existing laws of the country. The ban will be effective from April 1, 2012. Sources say the move will go a long way in preventing a range of oral cancers. A Lancet study recently showed that 42 per cent of all cancers in India were attributable to tobacco products.

Among tobacco-related cancers, the incidence of oral cancers was found to be the highest, indicating massive consequences of use of chewing tobacco products.

Further in a move to curb the increasing number of mouth cancer cases in the state, the government has even revoked licences of seven major gutkha-manufacturing companies.

The state government notification issued to all health authorities and food inspectors says, "If any person is found selling gutkha, the food and drug administration can impose a penalty of Rs 25,000 under the Food Security and Standard Assessment Act."

Madhya Pradesh is the first state to ban gutkha under the Food and Safety Standards Authority of India Act while Goa was the first state to ban gutkha under the Public Health Act applicable in the state. The FSSAI Act is a central act.
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